How To Fill A Pipeline With Cold Prospecting

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Toby Wilkin

For over 15 years, Toby has been a noteworthy leader in the entrepreneurial space. Born in Tasmania and residing here for his whole life Toby thoroughly understands tourism and business in the state and beyond. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in the construction, business and the development industry he has shared this passion and success.

Toby has had years of growing and developing entrepreneurial ventures including construction, retail and business.
These ventures have seen him travel all over the world consulting with stakeholders, setting up production and driving sales teams to ensure success.
He has a history of delivery in sales systems, consulting too many different businesses in different industries over the years including politics, teaching sales, marketing and business vision.

Toby has a series of different companies under the groups control including:
Wealth Lab – Taking our experience and world class sales systems to help other businesses thrive, offering sales & marketing coaching, events and digital presence products.
Torple Energy – An energy rating consultancy firm that focuses on sustainable outcomes for new development across Australia.
Change Overnight – Founders, Sam Haberle and Toby Wilkin, conjured up the idea behind Change Overnight in early 2018 while dreaming of ways they could extend their mission to make a positive impact on our world.
Mountain View Motel – A unpretentious stay in the heart of the Wild West, poised to be the next Mountain Bike Hotspot and soon to be rebranded to Hotel Queenifornia
Zippi Electric bikes – Focussed on Raising Balanced Kids, this innovative startup was all about fun and kid focussed with Electric eBikes.
Toby has also completed a series of different residential and commercial building’s through his construction arm.
He enjoys technology, making a difference and thinking big.
Toby currently runs a free Business Breakfast and holds a Grant Cardone License for Australia.

Julian Czaplinski

“I learned more about business, sales and life from working with Julian in 6 months than I did from my degree or from any other training I’ve been put through” 

“I was finally ready to build my own business, so I called Julian for his help.  In just 2 years we’re making about 80k per month”

Julian got into sales because he ‘needed some quick money’ and made a surprising discovery; a career and lifestyle that valued and rewarded communication, relationships and solving problems.  

Known for creativity and keen understanding of people, It wasn’t long before people began reaching out for help, insight and advice.  

What transpired over the next 10 years is an incredible journey across several industries and countries as Julian consulted to and coached a multitude of business owners.  

Helping take ideas and concepts to multi-million dollar business machines is no easy task and it’s the kind of adventure that inspires and drives Julian to his best.  

Having partnered and worked with award winning entrepreneurs and training & managing sales teams between countries Julian is the person you need on your team when it comes to your goals and plans.  

Julian runs a private invite-only network for entrepreneurs and business owner.  And is partnered in a number of businesses and ventures where he applies his skills of systems, sales and continual optimisation to drive consistent growth.

Our simple business methods help get more customers and achieves more sales.  
We get under the hood of your business and examine and calibrate the sales process to be more effective 

More importantly, we’re able to teach teams and businesses the exact recipe to follow so they can stand head and shoulders above of the crowd and get the attention of the right buyer that is grateful for the opportunity to do business with you.  

By working with us you learn the proven and repeatable formula to start attracting customers every single day like clockwork.  

This is especially critical if you’re competing in a crowded, competitive market or going up against discounted prices or facing a difficult economy.  

We invite you to implement these methods into your business so you can get the attention you need and the customers you desire.

About Grant Cardone

Bestselling Author, TV & Radio personality and Self-made Entrepreneur and American Patriot Warrior for the Middle Class Cardone works with Fortune 100 companies customizing sales processes and improving customer experiences. His clients include Google, Ford, Chrysler, Aflac, Sprint, WellsFargo, Allstate, StateFarm and more.

Cardone, 60, believes the middle class is a mythology perpetuated by politicians from both sides resulting in a failing formula for 250m people. His mission is to provide the middle class with new information and strategies for financial survival.
Grant Cardone has spent the last 30 years of his career building a content library and a brand that will continue to live on, long after he is gone. His teaching on sales, closing, negotiations, follow-up, cold calling, motivation, business growth, and personal finances, have reached every corner of the world.